At USA Benefits & Administrators, we manage the day-to-day activities that keep health plans running smoothly. We are a technologically driven third-party administrator using the latest state-of-the-art adjudication platform. Our adjudication and other IT systems enable us to effectively and efficiently manage the full life cycle of claims, billing and payments. Our clients are able to dramatically reduce healthcare spend because we deliver:

  • More Transparency
  • Faster Claims Processing
  • High Auto-adjudication Rates
  • Better Network Contracts

The technology we use isn’t the only advanced tool at our disposal. Our team of contract negotiators, in-house underwriters, claims specialists and customer support representatives provides a personal touch. We are always searching for ways to make it easier for our clients—and the people who depend on them—to get the most from their benefits programs.

USA Benefits & Administrators Serves Clients Across the United States